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Gazovaya Promyshlennost' special issue - (732/2015) 27.01.2016

Gazovaya Promyshlennost' special issue - (732/2015)


  • Aerospace monitoring of modern geocryological activity: Upstream oil and gas hazards Denisevich E.V., Kozhina L.Yu., Cherkasov V.A., Sevastyanov D.N., Sergeyev D.S.,Popova M.I. Abstracts
  • Advanced aerospace technology prospects for gas producer operations Davydov Yu.S., Medvedev M.V. Abstracts
  • Remote Earth sensing experience: Environmental hazard monitoring across Yamburg oil and gas province Baltabayev Sh.G., Bykova A.V., Volkov O.V., Nikonov D.V. Abstracts
  • Satellite data to help identify modern geodynamic activity in Chayandin field Kozhina L.Yu., Cherkasov V.A., Vanyarkho M.A., Denisevich E.V., Vanyarkho Ya.V. Abstracts
  • Satellite data support to environmental online monitoring: Major gas pipeline routes Katayev M.Yu., Maslov A.S., Bubenchikov M.A., Pikulskaya E.Sh. Abstracts
  • Coordinate and accuracy compared for GPS and GLONASS in exploration lease acreage Galaganov O.N., Guseva T.V., Krupennikova I.S. Abstracts
  • Space-based geological and environmental oil and gas monitoring across Arctic and sub-Arctic regions Korniyenko S.G. Abstracts
  • Satellite-based radar monitoring: Key applications Naumenko A.A. Abstracts
  • Remote measurement methodology support to oil and gas prospecting Vanyarkho M.A., Denisevich E.V., Chulkin D.S. Abstracts
  • Laser scanning and satellite imaging target oil and gas facility monitoring: Combined technology aspects Rylskiy I.A. Abstracts
  • Satellite data support to environmental monitoring in Tomsk region oil and gas areas Yashchenko I.G., Peremitina T.O. Abstracts
  • Innovative space technology opportunities and future prospects: Gazproms upstream geodetic survey coverage Zatyrko V.A., Denisyevich E.V., Kozhina L.Yu., Cherkasov V.A., Kiselevskaya K.E. Abstracts
  • Defining human resources for Russian industry infrastructure safety protection: System-level approach Doronkina L.N., Kunbutayev L.M. Abstracts
  • Future prospects for spatial data corporate infrastructure across oil pipeline players Gizatullin A.R., Usov T.M. Abstracts
  • Comprehensive safety protection system for Russian upstream oil and gas: Common concept issues Akimov V.A., Deduchenko F.M., Durnev R.A., Rvachev A.T., Arabskiy A.K., Kulchitskiy A.B., Menshikov V.A. Abstracts