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Gazovaya Promyshlennost' (December/731/2015) 26.01.2016

Gazovaya Promyshlennost' (December/731/2015)


Economics, organization, management
  • Existing approaches to securing nondiscriminatory assess to major gas pipelines in EU and Russia Dolmatov I.A., Maskayev I.V. Abstracts
  • Gas-to-liquids, automotive fuel, and technology economics Komarov A.G., Kovalenko S.A., Zaitsev A.K., Tkachenko P.N. Abstracts
  • New opportunities for gas producers Yaitskikh G.S., Vakhrushin P.A. Abstracts
  • Oil and gas sector standardisation improvements through 2020 Kershenbaum V.Ya., Belozertseva L.Yu. Abstracts

Energy Security
  • Research into earth current sources affecting gas pipelines Adamenko S.V.,Zubkov A.A.,Aleksandrov Y.V., Aginey R.V. Abstracts
  • Capacity margin methodology for Gazprom gas distribution stations Mikhalenko V.A., Tarasov V.V., Kuzema A.V., Spektor Yu.I., Varlamov N.V., Belinskiy A.V., Rechinskiy S.N., Rebrov O.I., Babakov A.V., Verbilo A.S., Denisov A.N., Savin S.A. Abstracts
  • Gas pipelines: Technology assessment methods and guidelines Topilin A.V., Zhitomirskiy B.L., Lyapichev D.M., Dubinskiy V.G., Krylov P.V. Abstracts
  • Major gas pipeline emergency risk management Revazov A.M., Alekperova S.T. Abstracts
  • Implications of gas pipeline stability assessment errors: Floating and exposure arch segments Dimov L.A., Dimov I.L. Abstracts
  • Breaking force test: Carrying capacity of two gas pipelines with long service life Aliyev M.M., Ulshina K.F., Kantyukov R.R., Mustafin F.M. Abstracts
  • Operating assessments of Taas-Yuryakh Mirny Aikhal gas pipeline Bolshakov A.M., Ivanov A.R. Abstracts

Underground Gas Storage
  • Lateral gas flow control for gas storage water sand low-amplitude traps Mikhailovskiy A.A., Skufinskiy V.A. Abstracts
  • Gas storage wells: Well control practices built on innovative research Egurtsov S.A., Skrynnik T.V., Ivanov Yu.V., Zubarev A.P. Abstracts
  • SevKavNIPIgaz drillers contribute to gas storage development Gasumov R.A., Dubenko V.E., Andrianov N.I., Shamshin V.I. Abstracts

Production & Energy Conservation
  • Wind power development prospects Lun-Fu A.V., Bubenchikov M.A. Abstracts
  • Sichuan province, China: Prospects for shifting from methanol to kinetic hydrate inhibitors in sour gas gathering systems Van Anlun, Yakushev V.S. Abstracts

Environmental protection
  • Upstream and midstream gas construction in Far North environment: Avoidance of land degradation Baranov A.V., Napolov O.B. Abstracts

Science and Progress
  • Directional hole shifts under tectonic stress Gubaydullin A.G., Moguchev A.I. Abstracts
  • Multivariable fuzzy controllers offer booster pumping unit control efficiency improvements Sagdatullin A.M. Abstracts
  • Assessment of oil and gas equipment remaining life using low-cycle fatigue criterion under biaxial loading Vansovich K.A., Lyagova A.A. Abstracts
  • Real gas quasi-one-dimensional movement in sloping gas pipeline Bozorov O.Sh., Khuzhayev I.K. Abstracts