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Gazovaya Promyshlennost' (November/730/2015) 22.01.2016

Gazovaya Promyshlennost' (November/730/2015)


Economics, organization, management
  • Russian hydrocarbon exports profile Bessel V. V., Lopatin A. S., Martynov V. G.,Kucherov V. G. Abstracts

Geology and Field Development
  • Frontier oil and gas territory in West Siberia: Finding commercial value Gladysheva Ya. I. Abstracts
  • Unconventional upstream development in southern Russia: Technology issues Gasumov R.A., Ilchenko L.A., Dubenko V.E., Andrianov N.I., Gileb T.V., Ilchenko P.V. Abstracts
  • Gas treatment control system: Online control over water and sand production Arno O. B., Arabskiy A. K., Gunkin S. I., Vit G. E., Gofman S. V., Talibov E. G. Abstracts
  • Concentric gaslift operations for maturing field environment Nikolayev O. V., Shulepin S. A., Stonozhenko I. V. Abstracts

Energy security
  • Pipeline design, construction and monitoring practices: Geological risk drivers Baborykin M. Yu., Zhidilyayeva E. V., Pogosyan A. G. Abstracts
  • Identification and assessment of gasline stress strain behaviour: A case for geodynamic zone crossing Askarov R. M., Mazitov D. G., Chuchkalov M. V. Abstracts

Underground Gas Storage
  • SevKavNIPIgaz shares experience with efficient Gazproms storage well services Gasumov R. A., Shikhaliyev I. Yu., Zhukov E. A. Abstracts
  • Gazprom VNIIGAZ and CNPC gas storage cooperation: Experience and future prospects Mikhaylovskiy A.A., Grigoryev A.V., Bondarev V.L., Chugunov A.V. Abstracts

Science and Progress
  • Defining formation fluid mobility in wells exposing complex mineral composition plays Korchazhkina I. Yu., Kryukova I. B., Lukina T. Yu., Semenov E. O., Fomenko V. G.,Kravchenko G. F., Ivanchenko I. S. Abstracts
  • Crude properties in two-phase deposits: Methodology aspects Promzelev I. O., Kuporosov D. N., Brusilovskiy A. I., Chukhlantseva E. R.,Tikhomirov E. V. Abstracts
  • Two-phase deposits: Methodology approach to formation component identification and pVT properties under input data shortage Brusilovskiy A. I.,Yushchenko T. S. Abstracts

Production and gas conversation
  • Upstream treatment of gas with lower condensate factor: Technology aspects Dunayev A. V., Moiseyev V. V.,Istomin V. A., Kubanov A. N., Fedulov D. M. Abstracts
  • New approaches to gas sample treatment for analytical needs Derevyagin A. M., Seleznev S. V., Derevyagin G. A., Moskalev I. N. Abstracts
  • Jet mixer improvements target liquid muds and cementing slurries Pakhlyan I. A. Abstracts
  • Efficiency comparisons between demister contact separators Laptev A. G., Iskhakov A. R.,Basharov M. M. Abstracts

Offshore development
  • Prirazlomnaya OIFP: Experience with Russian Arctic offshore development Shamsullin R. M., Egorov I. F.,Bandaletov V. F., Kosyakov K. Yu. Abstracts
  • Gravity platforms: Fabrication and installation issues Shibakin R. S. Abstracts