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Microseismic investigations target gaswater profile in areas without wells

Mikhaylov S.A. (OOO Sigma, RF, Moscow), Chugunov A.V. (OOO Gazprom VNIIGAZ, RF, Moskovskaya obl.)


Underground gas storage operations call for continuous gas cavern monitoring. Alternating loads associated with gas injection and withdrawal along with alternating formation fluid drainage, both typically lead to gas-water contact contour driven by numerous factors such as structural geometry, heterogeneity, storage tightness, and others. This paper considers gas storage surface geophysical monitoring based on microseismic investigation tools. In principle, this method is believed suitable for formation depth survey aiming to detail gas behaviour and gas saturation profile. Integrated analysis of information by individual profile, given a priori gas reservoir saturation inputs from observation wells, provides additional details on final water-gas contact profile across gas storage area.


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