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Combined Cenomanian and Turonian production in South Russkoye gas field

Karpov M.A. (Gubkin State Oil and Gas University, RF, Moscow)


The key focuses here are on combined development of Cenomanian and Turonian plays, and the proposal is to commence Turonian production following a plateau period for Cenomanian play. To maintain Turonian gas formation pressure at levels above the Senomanian play, it was devised to employ gasgas ejectors. Their parameters were calculated for conditions which typically apply to the first Turonian gas production year, for which necessary ejector count could be chosen. The paper highlights methods to maintain life-long optimum ejector operating conditions. Ejector use for production of both Turonian and Cenomanian gas is expected to save field compressor capacity. The proposed method is believed suitable for most gas fields in West Siberia where Cenomanian plays are under development while Turonian gas remaining uncommitted.


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