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Horizontal well designs assume easing geological risks

Zelinko K.M., Aleksakhin Yu.G., Anan’yev S.A. (Gazprom International, RF, St. Petersburg)


This paper summarises a methodology developed to reduce geological and technology-related risks which become an issue when designing horizontal wells for tight fractured reservoirs. The authors address Ordovician age Hamra play quartzitic deposits mostly found in poorly explored Berkin Basin (Algeria). Exploration is nearing a final stage in this field which calls for correct well patterns to be chosen for pilot production. Least favourable geological and upstream technology conditions are critical for the study as horizontal development well drilling is expected uneconomical in this case. This methodology was proposed for fields with wider uncertainty range, it was designed to help reducing dry well risks under poor exploration coverage of key target reservoirs.


1. Zelinko K.M., Aleksakhin Yu.G., Zaitseva S.A., Polovinkin O.M. Metody izucheniya treshchinovatosti kvartsitov Khamra osadochnogo basseina Berkin [Methods of studying of fracturing of Hamra quartzite of sedimentary basin Berkin]. Geologiya nefti i gaza, no. 5, 2015, pp. 48–51.
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