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Intellectual property monopoly: One of key imports phaseout tools

Loganov Yu.D., Moroz V.V. (OAO MosTsKBA, RF, Moscow), Slykhov A.A., Tereshkina T.M. (Znak Patenta Company, RF, Moscow)


This paper considers intellectual property patent issues, useful models, and commercial prototypes. It provides in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art in Russian intellectual property legal protection. In particular, commercialisation of importsreplacement products often encounters numerous artificial obstacles commonly called smart mines, illegal takeovers, or corporate raiding. Rather than product intellectual property protection, these obstacles often force companies to pay compensation allowance or acquire patents or licenses, the authors note. They provide guidance on how to counteract such patent raiders. Useful conclusions regarding the efficient intellectual property protection are expected to be made from examples of most recent developments emerging from domestic armature engineering producers which mainly target the Russian oil and gas sector.


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