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Production tree diagnostics, maintenance and repair practices: Astrakhan gas/condensate field

Filippov A.G., Erekhinskiy B.A. (PAO Gazprom, RF, Moscow), Korenyakin A.F., Rylov N.E., Afanasov G.V. (OOO Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan, RF, Astrakhan)


Technical diagnostics, maintenance, and repair history is believed critical for better understanding future repair deadlines and intervals for a chosen field. This paper summarises the key technical aspects of upstream equipment running in Astrakhan gas/condensate field. The authors consider basic requirements to process equipment structural materials including gas and condensate wellhead elements. In addition, operating experience with production trees, in various modifications and sourced by different manufacturers, is highlighted as well as their key design aspects. The paper also considers domestic experience to date with designing and commercialising wellhead equipment. Finally, specific aspects of production tree diagnostic and repair procedures are highlighted for sour environment typical of Astrakhan field.


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