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Import phase-out issues: Orenburgnefts hydrogen sulphide and associated gas amine treatment unit proves successful solution

Tarkin A.A. (PAO Orenburgneft, RF, Orenburg obl.), Lavrentev I.A., Aleksandrov V.M. (ZAO Himtek Engineering, RF, St. Petersburg)


This paper addresses issues related to sour gas (H2S and CO2) treatment units using amine water solutions. It describes benefits and shortcomings of alternative amines (DGA and MDEA) for associated gas absorption treatment based on Pokrovskaya upstream gas treatment unit at Orenburgnefts Zaikin gas processing plant. Opportunities for process amine replacement are discussed: shifting from imported DGA (assumed by initial design for sulphur units) to domestically available MDEA. Key summary data are provided for this amine replacement, along with conclusions on opportunity and feasibility of shifting from DGA to MDEA assuming some process modifications are made. Initial performance records for this sulphur treatment unit reveal obvious benefits, which is believed to confirm adequacy of earlier expectations and estimates.


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