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Justifeing well blowout fire containment technology

Bezverkhaya E.V., Baranovskiy A.N., Bulchayev N.D. (Oil and Gas Institute SFU, RF, Krasnoyarsk)

The paper considers a fire containment method suitable for blowing out oil (or gas) wells. According to this method, well preparations include installation of a ventilation hood above the flare area to enforce its height and diameter changes. Fire zone vertical extension was found to reduce safety zone radius, while water supply required to reduce heat load enables well killing operations to be performed directly in wellhead zones, for about 10 minutes, to benefit fire extinguishing performance. This method was tested with more than 60 well emergencies. Related calculations produced a set of well killing process parameters such as water input volume, heat intensity, ventilation hood elevation, or safety zone.


1. Bulchayev N. D., Bezverkhaya E. V. Sposob germetizatsii ustya goryashchey neftyanoy skvazhiny [Wellhead shutoff methods for wells under blowout and fire]. Gazovaya Promyshlennost Gas Industry, 2011, no. 4 (658), pp. 8587.
2. GOST R 532642009. Tekhnika pozharnaya. Spetsialnaya zashchitnaya odezhda pozharnogo. Obshchiye tekhnicheskiye trebovaniya. Metody ispytaniy [State Standard R 532642009. Fire engineering. Special protective clothing of firefighters. General technical requirements. Methods of testing]. Moscow, Standartinform Publ., 2009. 38 p.

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