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Energy-efficient lighting sets for oil and gas

Aliyev T.T., Yushmanov V.N., Vovk F.E. (OOO Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta, RF, Ukhta), Ishkov A.G. (OAO Gazprom, RF, Moscow), Rishnyak M.A. (OOO NPO Fakel-M, RF, Moscow)


Around-the-clock patterns are a feature of upstream oil and gas operations, which dictates both economical and efficient lighting equipment to meet human safety standards and ensure equipment uninterrupted operation. Lighting set efficiency improvements call for cutting repair time and operating costs, and eventually for more modest electricity and gas own use requirements. Power savings are also important for lighting system share of total power consumption bottom line. In this respect, it is believed critical to focus on the most recent, power-saving lighting installations for the oil and gas sector. This paper addresses numerous issues associated with existing compressor station lighting arrangements and the choice of most efficient lighting devices.


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