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Modern approach to gas storage well production tree diagnostics

Egurtsov S.A., Skrynnik T.V., Ivanov Yu.V., Tokmakov A.I., Timoshko I.S. (IOGT LLC, RF, Moscow)


This paper notes a critical need to maintain safe operation of production trees of gas storage wells. Timely location of corrosive or erosion-driven X-mas tree internal surface wear is believed an issue of vital importance. With this in mind, the authors address existing tree designs and various nonintrusive testing methods in common use under diagnostics. They also propose a technical assessment technology which avoids tree or its parts removal from wellheads and well killing, and highlight new procedures involving wellhead bore measurements and location of internal zones affected by corrosion or erosion. A dedicated instrument now exists to run this diagnostics. When implemented, it is expected to bring viable benefits to existing well maintenance practices.


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