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Justifying Achimov play development strategy for Urengoy

Markelov V.A., Cherepanov V.V., Filippov A.G., Ahmedsafin S.K., Kalinkin A.V. (PAO Gazprom, RF, Moscow), Kobylkin D.N. (Government of YaNAO, RF, Salekhard), Koryakin A.Yu., Neudakhin A.Yu (OOO Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy, RF, N. Urengoy), Skrylev S.A., Nesterenko A.N. (OOO TyumenNIIgiprogaz, RF, Tyumen)


This paper justifies a new Achimov play development scheme for Urengoy field assuming the independents are engaged, given their complex resource base, both geologically and physically. Aiming to gain better development efficiency, a new upstream strategy was created, it is set to ensure the smallest hydrocarbons cross-flows between individual acreage and ultimate recovery factor. Common hydrocarbon reserve calculation procedures and a unified upstream development technology have passed government expert review for this purpose. When implemented, this strategy is set to become central for Yamal-Nenets social and economic development plan. Challenging resources in Achimov play are expected to add Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy more than 10% of Russian gas totals annually while maintaining flat production levels across maturing fields.

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4. Markelov V., Cherepanov V., Mazanov S., et al. Strategy Of Developing Achimov Deposits Of Urengoy Region: 26th World Gaz Conference. 15 June 2015, Paris, France. Available at: profile/121515092.

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