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Future prospects for spatial data corporate infrastructure across oil pipeline players

Gizatullin A.R., Usov T.M. (VPO Ufa State Oil Technical University, Russia, Ufa)


This paper analyses current practices extensively used by various oil pipeliners. It addresses promising system architecture solutions and approaches to geoinformation technology aimed to maintain existing investments and essentially expand the use of spatial data and advanced geoinformation systems. The study justifies a chosen approach: shifting from conventional GIS solutions centred on individual proprietary software tools to an integrated 3D data management infrastructure covering all related oil pipelines. This new approach is believed helpful for improving corporate-wide data availability, expanding integration between existing GIS, and shifting to available freeware products, with the latter viewed increasingly critical given the current imports phase out moves in Russia. This approach has growing global acceptance as it ensures additional cost reduction and company performance improvements.


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