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Satellite data to help identify modern geodynamic activity in Chayandin field

Kozhina L.Yu., Cherkasov V.A., Vanyarkho M.A., Denisevich E.V., Vanyarkho Ya.V. (OOO Gazprom VNIIGAZ, RF, Moskovskaya obl.)


This paper summarises the key application aspects regarding remote Earth sensing to identify dislocations with a break in continuity and to detail modern geodynamic activity in Chayandin oil and gas field. It illustrates advantages of packaged geological information solutions including the most recent radar-based differential interferometry data which provides in-depth vision of the rupture origin of complex geology target areas. In addition, it shows verifiability history for dislocations with a break in continuity, based on seismic data, using potential field, optical radar-based space data analysis, along with terrain digital models, geological mapping data and fault maps. It also presents a fault and block structural map for Chayandin field indicating discontinuous faults which are reported active presently.

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