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Aerospace monitoring of modern geocryological activity: Upstream oil and gas hazards

Denisevich E.V., Kozhina L.Yu., Cherkasov V.A. (OOO Gazprom VNIIGAZ, RF, Moskovskaya obl.), Sevastyanov D.N., Sergeyev D.S., Popova M.I. (OAO Gazprom kosmicheskie sistemy, RF, Moskovskaya obl.)


This paper justifies a critical need to run monitoring of geocryological processes and events which are known to be among the critical hazards to upstream oil and gas operations. The authors indicate potential causes for such recent activation of the cryogenic component, which is believed to be largely driven by global climate change. A good example of the most recent implications could be provided by emergence of Yamal crater. The conclusions are supported by a summary of 2014 expedition to Yamal Peninsula. In addition, the paper highlights benefits, technical opportunities and methods available for better use of remote Earth sensing data under various upstream monitoring operations including pipeline routes and upstream facilities.


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