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Climate change and natural gas demand outlook

Vladimir N. Bashkin1, Rauf V. Galiulin2

1Gazprom VNIIGAZ;
Sttl. Razvilka, 142717, Leninsky District, Moskovskaya Obl., Russia;
Tel: (498) 657 96 89;
2Institute of Basic Biological Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences;
2 Institutskaya St., 142290, Pushchino, Serpukhovsky District, Moskovskaya Obl., Russia;
Tel: (4967) 33 14 53;

This paper analyses and summarises the available information aiming to establish a relationship between climate change and natural gas consumption outlooks. The problem setting and feasible solutions are built around expectations for a new climatic cooling period viewed as part of a larger cyclic process. This cooling is believed to cause progressively rising demand for conventional fuels such as oil, coal, and especially natural gas.

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