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Optimising gas pipeline maintenance costs

Aleksei Vladimirovich Molokanov1, Vladimir Ivanovich Gorodnichenko2, Vladimir Evgen’evich Gryazin2

16 Nametkina St., GSP-7, Moscow, 117997, Russia;
Tel.: 719 62 71;

2Gazprom VNIIGAZ;
Sttl. Razvilka, Leninski District, Moskovskaya Obl., 142717, Russia;
Tel.: 495 355 93 66 ext 20 61;

The authors propose an underlying methodology for optimisation and assessment of average relative costs involved in repairs and maintenance of a gas pipeline section. Depending on time interval between inspection pig run and on number of pipes under repair, this methodology enables to minimise total costs involved in operation of a target pipeline segment.

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