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About the “Gazovaya Promyshlennost’” (Gas Industry) journal

A monthly scientific-technical and production journal, published since 1956.

Founder of the journal – JSC “Gazprom”
Publisher of the journal Gasoil Press, LLC





Aksyutin, Oleg Yevgenievich

Member of the Board, Head of Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilisation Department, OAO Gazprom, PhD (tech.) Corr. Member RAEN, member of Acad. Tech. Sc. RF


Budzulyak, Bogdan Vladimirovich

President, NP SRO OSGiNK, Vice-President Acad. Tech. Sc. RF, Professor, PhD (tech.)


Vasiliev, Gennady Germanovich

Head of Oil and Gas Pipeline and Storage Installation and Repair Dept., Gubkin Oil & Gas University, Professor, PhD (tech)


Veliyulin, Ibragim Ibragimovich

Director, EATs Orgremdigaz, OAO Orgenergogaz, Professor, PhD (tech.), Acad., RANS


Gafarov, Nail’ Anatolyevich

Vice-President, Association of Oil, Gas, and Drilling Equipment Manufacturers Science and Innovations, PhD (tech.), Acad., RANS


Goryukhin, Ruslan Yevgenievich

Executive Director, Exec. Board Member, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, “New Gas Technologies,” Cand. Econ. Sc.


Gusev, Boris Vladimirovich

President, Int’l Engineering Academy, Professor, PhD (tech.), Corr. Member RAS


Dmitriyevsky, Anatoly Nikolayevich

Director, Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, RAS, Professor, PhD (geol. / mineral.), Corr. Member RAS


Yermolayev, Aleksandr Iosifovich

Head of Gas and Condensate Field Development and Production, Gubkin Oil & Gas University, Professor, PhD


Istomin, Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Senior Sc. Fellow, OOO Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Professor, PhD (chem.)


Karayev, Abdulla Eldarovich

Director, Procurement and Major Construction Directorate, ÎŔÎ Gazprom Neft, PhD (tech.)


Karasevich, Aleksandr Miroslavovich

Advisor to Innovation Project General Director, OOO Stroygazmontazh, Dept. Head, Regional Energy Economics and Energy Efficiency, Gubkin Oil & Gas University, Professor, PhD (tech.)


Karpel, Elena Yevgenyevna

Board Member, Head of Economic Expertise and Pricing Dept., OAO Gazprom


Kasyan, Elena Borisovna

Head of Personnel Management Dept., OAO Gazprom, Cand. Sc. (psychol.)


Kovalchuk, Vladimir Nikolayevich

Chairman, Inter-regional Trade Union Organisation, OAO Gazprom, Cand. Econ. Sc.


Korchagin, Oleg Anatolyevich

Head of Hydrocarbon Exploration Project Administration Dept., OAO Rosgeologia; Chairman, Section 5, “Hydrocarbon Feedstock,” Science & Technology Council, OAO Rosgeologia, Cand. Sc. (geology / mineralogy)


Lapidus, Albert Lvovich

Head of Gas Chemicals Dept., Gubkin Oil & Gas University, Professor, Corr. Member RAS, Academician, RANS


Lipsky, Vladimir Konstantinovich (Belarus)

Head of Pipeline, Water Supply, and Hydraulics Dept., Polotsk State University, PhD (tech.), Professor


Lyugai, Dmitry Vladimirovich

Member of the Board, Head of Future Development Dept., PhD (tech.)


Makogon, Taras Yurievich (USA)

Chief Engineer, Production Services and Chemicals, ConocoPhillips, MBA, PhD (chem.. tech.); member of Exec. Board., Production Technical Section, SPE, member of RANS American Section


Milovanov, Victor Ivanovich

General Director, OAO VNIPIgazdobycha, Cand. Econ. Sc.


Nikitin, Boris Aleksandrovich

President, RF Academy of Technical Sciences, Head of Offshore Oil and Gas Field Development Dept., Gubkin Oil & Gas University, Professor, PhD (tech.), Acad., RANS, RIA, Mining Sc. Acad.


Nikolov, Georgy Kirilov (Bulgaria)

Chief Secretary, member of Executive Board, ŔÎ Overgaz Inc.; Head of Oil & Gas Drilling, Production, and Transport Dept., St. Ivan Rilsky Mining & Geology University, PhD (tech.), Professor, Academician, Int’l ATN


Oganov, Aleksandr Sergeyevich

General Director, Drilling Contractors Assn., Head of Oil & Gas Drilling Dept., Gubkin Oil & Gas University, PhD (tech.), Professor, Acad. RANS, ATN RF


Panfilov, Mikhail Borisovich (France)

Head of Int’l Master’s Programme, Field Development; head of Theoretical Studies Dept., Mechanics and Energy Lab; head of science group – Multiphase Flow in Porous Media and Special Advisor to Lorraine University President; Consultant. Schlumberger, PhD (tech.), Professor


Podyuk, Vasily Grigoryevich

President, ZAO Achimgaz, Cand. Tech. Sc., member of ATN RF


Savelyev, Viktor Alekseyevich

Acting Chairman of Udmurtia Rep. Gov’t, PhD (geol/mineral), Professor, Acad. RANS and MIA


Seleznev, Kirill Gennadyevich

Member of the Board, Head of Marketing and Gas/Liquids Processing Dept., Cand. Econ. Sc.


Sergienko, Andrey Viktorovich

General Director, OAO Giprospetsgaz


Smirnov, Aleksandr Gennadyevich

Deputy Chief Editor, Gazovaya Promyshlennost Journal


Stolyar, Nikolai Fedorovich

Head of Process Control and Automation Dept., OAO Gazprom, Cand. Tech. Sc.


Ter-Sarkisov, Rudolf Mikhailovich

Professor, PhD (tech.), Academician RANS


Tsybulsky, Pavel Gennadyevich

General Director, ÎÎÎ Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Cand. Tech. Sc.


Cherepanov, Vsevolod Vladimirovich

Member of the Board, Head of Gas, Condensate, and Oil Production Dept., OAO Gazprom, Cand. Geol/Mineral. Sc., member of ATN RF


Shabalov, Ivan Pavlovich

Chairman of Steering Committee, Pipe Manufacturers Assn.; General Director, OOO Trubnye Innovatsionnye Tekhnologii, PhD (tech.)


Shevchenko, Denis Grigoryevich

General Director, Gazovaya Promyshlennost editorial Office

Periodicity - monthly
Size - 210 x 290 mm
Volume of the journal - not less than 104 pages, full color
Circulation - 3500 copies

“Gazovaya Promyshlennost’” (Gas Industry) journal was founded in 1956, and presently it is uniquely positioned in the oil and gas sector’s media market – delivering a choice of focused articles regarding industry operations and science-intensive development areas. Each issue contains 25-30 authors’ works.

“Gazovaya Promyshlennost’” (Gas Industry) journal is one of the few periodicals in the Russian Federation to be recommended for publishing doctorate academic degree theses summaries.

The journal has blameless reputation as source of accurate and prompt information about the latest developments and achievements in the oil and gas industry, examines the problems of enterprises and industry as a whole, publishes materials on new automation, financing and construction projects in industry, identifies priority areas for investors and financial institutions.

Our permanent subscribers present the journal’s core readership including: chief executives and industry professionals from domestic and international companies in the oil and gas sector, as well as scientists and engineers from project design, R&D, and academic institutes – to encompass all professional activities which are interrelated with the gas, oil and related branches of industry, along with all other sectors involved in our operations.

Regular Topics:

   • Industry News
   • Exhibitions and Conferences
   • Field geology and development
   • Information technologies
   • Gas uses
   • Science and innovations
   • Offshore development
   • Environmental protection
   • Gas processing
   • Labour requirements
   • Gas storage
   • Industry operations and energy conservation
   • Economics, management, and regulation
   • Energy security