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Author guidelines

Reviewing the manuscript coming to the “Gas industry of Russia”

1. The author of the manuscript on scientific | technical | economic topics should direct to the journal the certified expert (doctor's degree, PhD) response with the recommendation to publish the manuscript.

2. The manuscript is reviewed by the member of the Editorial Advisory Board responsible for the topics or by experts in the field (doctor's degree, PhD).

3. The reviewers are notified that the manuscript is an intellectual property of the author and the information contained in it is confidential and cannot be divulged. Copying of the manuscript for the needs of reviewers is forbidden.

4. Reviewing passes confidentially. The review is not intended for public publicity. On request of the author (in letter), it can be provided to the author. The review will not contain any signature and/or personal data of the reviewers (name, surname etc).
On request of the Russian Higher Certifying Commission (HCC), the review can be provided to the HCC.

5. Infringement of the confidentiality terms is only possible in the case of reviewer's consent and his(her) statement about unauthenticity or falsification of materials stated in the manuscript.

6. In case of any reviewer’s requirement for necessary manuscript correction, it should be sent to the author for corrections. In this case the date when the author has returned the updated manuscript to the journal will be the manuscript arrival date.

7. If the author doesn’t agree with reviewer's opinion, the author can provide to the journal his(her) well-founded arguments. The manuscript may be revised again or submitted to the Editorial Advisory Board for consideration.

8. After reviewing the editor-in-chief (or assistant to the editor-in-chief), and if necessary – the Editorial Advisory Board – makes the decision on manuscript publishing.

9. On request of the author, the journal informs the author on the accepted decision.
On request of the author whose manuscript hasn’t been accepted for publishing, the journal sends to the author a well-grounded refusal.

10. Should never be reviewed:

- manuscripts of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences if a member of the Academy is the single author or the first of authors
- scientific reports recommended for publication by forums | congresses | branch conferences decisions
- information | advertising | presentation articles and announcements.