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To attention of authors

Requirements for filing articles in the “Gas Industry of Russia” digest (“Gazovaya Promyshlennost'” journal)

The article can be presented in the format of MS Word program (DOC, RTF).

Article volume - no more than 10 pages.

Formulas and designations should be marked, specifying top and interlinear (bottom) indexes, exponents, capital and lower case letters of Latin and Greek alphabets. All designations in formulas are necessary for explaining (deciphering).

Illustrations (no more than 4) are applied on the manuscript (separately) in duplicate. Illustrations can be transmitted in electronic format (in vector or raster graphics formats EPS, CDR, TIFF, JPG, PSD, programs Corel Draw, Illustrator). It is necessary to present the list of comments under illustrations separately.

All publications which are referenced in article should be listed in bibliography. Only published works can be referenced. The bibliography list is made in order of using publications and should include following data: a surname and the initials of authors, the title of work; for magazine – title, year of the edition, number of issue, pages, on which article is placed on; for books – place and year of the edition, publisher, total number of pages.

Article and illustrations should be signed by the author (authors).

Preamble reflecting an essence of considered in article problems is necessary.

Observance of operating rules and standards (especially on terminology, the international system of units) is obligatory.

Article should be attached with the following information (in Russian or English):

• author:
– name, surname (completely)
– place of work (the post of the author can be written as well). If authors work (study) in the same company (university), it is possible not to specify a place of work of each author separately
– contact information (phone, the post address, e-mail)
• article:
- article heading
- summary
- keywords (keyword or a word-combination separated with comma or semicolon)

All materials should be sent to e-mail

The accepted articles can be published in the “Gas Industry of Russia” digest, “Gazovaya Promyshlennost'” journal and can be placed on the Gasoil Press Publishing Company web-site.